Prostitution in Spain

Prostitution in Spain

Puerto de la Cruz has a reputation as a sophisticated holiday destination and its many fine restaurants , its stylish garden beach, its elegant plazas and streets and its upmarket shopping make it a favourite with Spanish mainlanders throughout the summer months and with Northern Europeans who stay in Puerto for their Tenerife holidays over the winter. It receives less rain and more sunshine than the rest of the north of the island but nevertheless receives enough rainfall to sustain lush vegetation that provides the town with its abundance of gardens and its sub-tropical appearance. November and February are normally the rainiest months; summer trade winds can bring cloudy, hot days in June, July and August; September and October are often the perfect climate months with clear skies and wonderful visibility, long hot days and warm nights. The winter months of December and January usually enjoy long hours of clear skies and sunshine with cooler temperatures after sundown. Portside Puerto de la Cruz developed originally as a port for the wealthy town of La Orotava, exporting sugar and wine to the New World and was known as Puerto de La Orotava. Today, the harbour remains a centre of activity with brightly painted fishing boats bobbing on its surface and berthed on the pebbly shore. Food stalls line the side of the harbour wall serving wonderful, traditional Canarian food and filling the air with the succulent aroma of paella as it sizzles in a giant pan next to the fish-laden tables. At fiestas such as the July Fiestas and Carnaval , the harbour side fills with drinks stalls and with churro bars sugary doughnut fingers thronging with revellers. Twice a year a large fairground fills the lower car park at the side of the harbour, and once a year the circus comes to town. Dating from the 17th century, its interior is amongst the most beautiful on Tenerife.

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Where to stay — I recommend staying in La Laguna while you are in this area. In fact, nearly half of the residents of Tenerife live in this city. My honest review is that you can certainly skip Santa Cruz if you are tight on time, or want to spend more time in other places.

Netherlands in Spain: In addition to the Netherlands’ consulate in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Netherlands has ten other representations in Spain. These representations include an embassy in Madrid consulates in Barcelona, Benidorm, Bilbao, Ceuta, Gijon, Malaga, Palma de .

The year-old entrepreneur, who made his fortune selling datingdirect. Yet he is not too worried. He still has a fleet of nine luxury cars, a helicopter, a beautiful six-bedroom country home set in four acres in Worcestershire, three bars in Tenerife, nine further properties in the UK and more pairs of designer jeans than Jeremy Clarkson. So why has he started a new business in the current climate? Darren employs 55 people in his company HQ, a three-storey Georgian townhouse in Worcester, and has signed up more than 6, estate agents, although he leaves the day-to-day management to his CEO.

I also put in a games room and bought a pin-ball machine. Darren has created his own property empire by buying off-plan villas and apartments overseas and run-down homes in the UK. Most are now rented out, which is just as well as he spends half his time in Tenerife; not an obvious overseas destination for a stylish multi-millionaire. The next thing, I had bought the bar, installed my friend as manager and put a deposit down on an apartment.

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Share this article Share Emergency services took 21 people to hospital and treated another person at the scene who was released, the regional government said. Another 18 people went to hospital by their own means to be treated, the mayor of Tenerife said. The injuries included broken legs, ankle sprains and bruises.

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Tenerife Climate Geography Population History The Castilian expansion How to get there Geography Although the name of Gran — or Great — Canaria may indicate otherwise, Tenerife is actually the largest island in archipelago, with sq. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the island, and alsothe name of one of two provinces that make up the autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, wich in turn are divided in seven island councils. Like all the islands that form this archipelago, Tenerife is of volcanic origin and is made up of complex network of cones and calderas, with summit of the Teide lying at the centre.

The landscape is rugged and the rocky volcanic coastline is dotted with cliffs, especially at the far north-western Teno Massif and north-eastern Anaga Massif or Point ends of the island. The south-eastern coastline is lower and gentler scattered with beaches and coves of volcanic origin, with their characteristic fine black sand. The Teide rises up at the centre of the island, surrounded by an intricate and rugged landscape of calderas, badlands and steep slopes.

From the top it is easy to make out the neighbouring islands of Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro, and on exceptionally clear days, even Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and The African coast, lower territories lying to the east of Tenerife. The island boasts a wealth of natural landscapes and ecosystems. One of the most spectacular of these is the badlands, which, as the name indicates, is a hostile territory made essentially of recently formed volcanic land characterized by its scant vegetation.

The most arid areas of territory lie to the north of Guimar, forming some of the most noteworthy badlands on the island and a sharp contrast with the areas of laurisilva , the temperate rainforest that covers the land at the altitude of between and metres in windward zones. As the name indicates, these areas are covered with lush and often impenetrable forest of laurels, white bark acacias, or firetree, a shrub that is found in Anaga and Teno mountains.

From metres upwards, we find vast expanses of the hardly Canary Island Pine, wich is highly resistant to fire thanks to the resin it accumulates inside the trunk and enables it to resprout after a fire. Finally the peaks of the Teide are home to several endemic species that have adapted to the to the high altitudes and fairly dry climate. The Romans used the sage from this tree for dyes and medicine; indeed, it was put to so many uses that the mass felling of this species as far back as years ago placed it in danger of extinction.

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Who built the pyramids, when were they constructed, and why? There are three theories and an ongoing debate. The Norwegian adventurer thought the constructions were similar to other stepped-pyramids he had seen on his past travels. He theorized that they had been built at a time when people were traversing the oceans and that a link existed between the pyramid building cultures of Egypt and those of Central America.

He also thought it was possible that the Guanches, who lived on Tenerife before the Spanish Conquest, might have been responsible for building the pyramids. The Academic explanation Academics, however, did not agree and put forward the alternative theory that the pyramids are no more than piles of volcanic rocks that farmers had made when clearing their land.

It is also proposed that the pyramids were made in the 19th century because pottery said to be dating back to that time was found in excavations carried out by archaeologists from the University of La Laguna. The fact is that on one plaza between two pyramids, archaeologists dug down into the structure, but stopped at a level they equated with the 18th century — and which was between 50 and centimetres deep.

From this, the mistaken conclusion was reached that they had dug down all the way to the bottom, and had realised the oldest layer was two centuries old. Nothing can be further from the truth. Summer Solstice Alignments Heyerdahl, and those who believe the Guanches made the pyramids, have argued that the constructions are painstakingly designed with stepped levels and possible alignments made for ceremonial purposes, such as those that could have been carried out at the Summer Solstice.

Raphael Biss One of the pyramids has a set of steps built into it and it has been suggested that this was so that a celebrant could ascend the stairs to reach the top level of the pyramid where they would be facing the rising sun. Did Freemasons make the pyramids? Myth and Reality was published.

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They first met on a holiday in Tenerife and fell in love after a while. Since then she has had numerous viral videos that have been featured in The Huffington Post and other blogs. Later, they made PDA; holding hand in public, going on dates, and so on which took their dating rumors to height. As a man I can say I am enjoying getting to know Rebecca. Rebecca Ferguson former boyfriends and children Rebecca was formerly in a relationship with Karl Dures who fathered her two children, Lillie May and Karl.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email This is the heart-stopping moment the floor of a nightclub in Tenerife collapsed – injuring 40 people including two seriously hurt Brits. Footage shows a drag act performing on a small stage at the front of the Butterfly Disco Pub in Playa de las Americas when suddenly the stage plummets down into the basement. It takes the surrounding floor and spectators with it.

The performer, a blonde in a red dress and heels, can be seen trying to jump away as the floor collapses around her. People can be heard shouting out in shock and pain before the footage abruptly ends.

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